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To order your plate, proceed to the online order form to submit your information and make your payment. If you have questions, please email

All preorders of the Rose Island Lighthouse license plate have now been submitted to the RI DMV for processing, as of early April 2024. The DMV will need about 2 months to produce the plates and then we will host distribution events across the state for you to pick them up. We will continue to take additional preorders for a couple of more weeks, and then after that the plates will be available for order anytime on the RI DMV website. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my current RI License plate number?

Yes. When you switch to the Rose Island plate, your current plate number is transferred to the new plate. Just think of it as ordering a new background design for your existing plate.

What if I currently have a 6-digit plate?

The license plate design will allow us to take applications for up to 6-digit plates.

Can I get whatever number I want?

We can only issue plates that are currently ACTIVE. The RILFH Trust cannot grant anyone different plate numbers. Only the DMV can do that.

What happens when I renew my registration?

Once you have your Rose Island plate, all subsequent two (2) year renewals of the Rose Island plate will incur a $10 fee, all of which will be donated to the Rose Island Lighthouse & Fort Hamilton Trust. 

Do I have to live in Rhode Island to get a Rose Island plate?

You must already have a Rhode Island registered car to get a Rose Island plate.

I collect old license plates; can I keep my old ones?

After the initial distribution of the Rose Island plate, the DMV will take over the orders and will mail the Rose Island plates to the customers with new stickers and certificates. The customer upon receiving their new plates can destroy or recycle, or drop off their old plates with a note indicating they received a new charity plate.

How are the Rose Island plates distributed?

After the initial plate order is produced, the DMV will coordinate with RILFH Trust to hold a “Plate Distribution Event”. At this event, you will come and turn in your old plates to get your new plate.

I’d like to get a vanity plate. Can you help me with this?

No, our role is to simply replace your existing plate with a new background that includes the Rose Island Design. If you’d like to change your current registration you must contact the DMV directly. Once you change your existing registration to the one you desire, then you can order a Rose Island plate.

Why do you need my registration?

We cannot process any applications without a valid registration. We need to be sure what you put on your application is accurate for the DMV. Without your registration, we run the risk of having your order denied.

What do the sail numbers mean in the design?

The sail numbers – 18 and 70 – are a shout out to the year 1870, which is when the Rose Island light first shone on the Narragansett Bay. Thank you to Ross Cann, AIA and team at  A4 Architecture in Newport, RI for their donated design and also to Kara Acosta for the use of her sailboat art.

Who else should we thank?

Thanks should be given to Jan Slee for his multi-year effort to see the license plate project through and to RI State Senator Dawn Euer and RI State Representative Lauren Carson for their efforts in getting the plate approved. 



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