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Lighting the Rose Island Light on a special night is a wonderful way to acknowledge someone or something important to you. The symbolism of the light is a blessing that is perfectly suited for many occasions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and also for memorials.

Just tell us the night you want the light dedicated, what you want to say and to who, and we will:

– Make an entry on that day into the Lighthouse Keeper’s log

– Acknowledge your dedication with a beautiful lighthouse note card 

The dedication costs $100, which is fully-deductible as a contribution. Your payment can be made using this page.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Log

February 25, 2021

In memory of Joseph F. Scowcroft / Captain of the “Dream Weaver”

May this beacon light the way for the safekeeping of those who sail the waters of Narragansett Bay.

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  • The mission of the Rose Island Lighthouse and Fort Hamilton Trust RILFHT is to preserve the historic and environmental integrity of the island and to maintain and operate its lighthouse for public access.



  • Our staff and volunteers collaborate with schools, colleges and universities, youth groups, and other interested organizations to provide environmental and historic information about the unique role Rose Island has played in history, continues to today and will play well into the future. 
  • Each year hundreds of local students participate in educational field trips to Rose Island!



  • The lighthouse museum, wildlife refuge, and meeting and picnic areas are open for daily visits, exploring, guided tours, and events. Plan an overnight stay in one of 5 unique guest rooms to experience the historic serenity of Rose Island firsthand.
  • Rose Island was host to more than 5000 guests last year.  Each year, we host a variety of special events including wine tastings, history tours, private weddings, island fundraisers, and unique programs like “Art’s on the Island”.
  • Our overnight stay program provides an opportunity to stay in the historic lighthouse and experience life as it was for the old time  keepers.


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