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See how the past can provide answers for the future at the Rose Island Lighthouse – a historic, living museum and environmental education center. Here, the keeper’s practical, resourceful way of life becomes a reality for your students through the basic tour and hands-on activities selected especially for your class. Programs are suitable for grades K-5.

More About Our Curriculum

Rose island is located a mile offshore in the middle of the east passage of Narragansett Bay. Field trips to the lighthouse are offered from May through October – weather permitting.  Trips can last approximately 3 hours, including boat time.  We work with teachers to customize the activities for each class. Teachers can prepare their students ahead of time with classroom activities.  

Additional Information

All field trips include a lighthouse tour of the museum (first floor living quarters) and the renewable / sustainable utilities in the basement (rainwater cistern, heating system, and lighting). Students will be able to see first-hand what was it like to live at the turn of the century without running water and electricity. Compare the old-fashioned to the modern “green” water, electric and heating utilities. Learn basic resource conservation principles and techniques that can be used today and well into the future. Our program can be customized for your classroom and curriculum needs.

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