Thanks to a grant from the Van Beuren Charitable Foundation,

our local contractors have been hard at

work completing the restoration of two more of our Fort Hamilton Barracks chambers. The work involved consists of fabricating new windows and doors, replacing the mortar around the openings, adjusting doors fittings for proper closure and multiple coats of paint.

This historic property is a unique example from the First System of Fortifications for the US Military and is on the National Register of Historic Properties.

After visiting the island on a beautiful July afternoon, Lara K. Davis, Architect/ Co-Director, Auroville Earth Institute, UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture, was much impressed by the cloister domes in the barracks with 4′ bomb-proof walls. She followed up her visit with an email with the following quote:

“Thank you very much for sharing this moving PowerPoint presentation*. Rose Island has always occupied an important place in my consciousness, and it was wonderful to see this rich and participatory history of the island … In fact, on the same day, I learned of the death of my dear friend Henry Woods, the steward of the House on the Rocks. So important that this most precious spirit of Rhode Island is retained, restored and celebrated!”

New Doors and Windows being installed

Whats Next

Due to necessary improvements and repairs to the Lighthouse apartments, the dock and the pier, and the solar panels and generator, we will be closing the island to overnight stays and events during the winter months of December 2018, January, February, and March 2019. With help from our generous donors, we are hoping to complete these projects in time for the 2019 summer season and will open our doors for overnight stays in April.

* Rose Island – Magical Place.pdf